Responsibility Week

kindergarten-dayOne of Willunga’s school values is Responsibility and we all work every day to develop this skill.  One of the ways we do this at school is by giving our students the responsibility of the morning jobs.  Up until now we have all been helping them with reminders and occasionally doing it for them but now we need to see how much has really been learnt.

We hear/see and often find ourselves in these situations……..

You need to put your reading folder in the right place.   NO you do it

I can’t find my school bag.  Where did you put it?  I didn’t put it any where Mummy put it somewhere!

I haven’t got any lunch. Have you checked your tray? Yes.  Your school bag?  Yes. Do you have a lunch order?  No. – When the canteen orders arrive there it is!

I left my library book/reading bag at home.  Did you put it in your bag?  No, Mummy didn’t do it

We ask students to change their books then get notes saying they have had the same book for a week.

At the end of the day we are amazed to see all the students walk out the class with their bags on their back only to see then throw their bag at their poor parents who then walk away with 3 or 4 school bags.


So every week 5 in terms 2, 3 and 4 I ask all family members to say goodbye outside the class room door to leave and to let your child come in to do their jobs responsibly.

I will be at the door if you need to give us information or if your child is apprehensive.  Please don’t prompt from the door way as it defeats the purpose.  If you arrive late still say goodbye to your child at the door.

I don’t do reading in Week 5 because young children don’t understand why some parents can come in but their parents can’t.

I have been talking about this a lot in class over the past few days to get them ready and it would be great if you could over the weekend too.

Some parents find this week very difficult they believe that their child is too young to be able to do these jobs independently but just look at a child who goes to OSHC in the morning, they come in and do all their jobs with no problems, they ask if they are not sure – a very commendable skill.  I will of course be there to support and guide.

I have been having responsibility weeks now for a few years and it always proves to be a very insightful week!

Thankyou for your support and have a great weekend.  Leanne

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