Last Term 4 – It’s a busy one!!!

Welcome back to our last term of the year!

This term is going to be a bit emotional for me (Leanne) as it is my very last term of teaching, I have made the decision to retire so these last 8 weeks are very precious and I look forward to sharing them with you and your child!

giraffescantdance_guyparkerrees_305_392_80Term 4 is always a very busy one especially with our Junior Primary concert and the excitement of Christmas.  Our JP Concert will be on Friday 2nd December in the afternoon in the Gym – every one is welcome.  (More info as we get closer) We are doing a book adaptation “Giraffes Can’t dance”   This is to support our ” – Positive Growth Mindset. – we can do it if we just try!

OUR COSTUMES are all made but we need your child to wear black pants/leggings and black top to go under the bits and pieces we have.  we might need a ‘sewing bee’ as we have borrowed the costumes and they may need some adjusting , i.e. shortening elastic, and a bit of maintinence a i.e. sticky tape.   Keep an eye out we will ask in this blog if we need too!

A couple of reminders …

Attendance and being on time is very important, if your child arrives after 8:45 we need to record a late attendance, if your child is away please let us know the day before or SMS the front office.  It is a requirement by law for us to keep these records and to monitor your child’s attendance.

Hats are required for outside play and activities and if your child goes to OSHC please put a spare hat in their school bag, already we have had children borrowing hats from the class and leaving them at OSHC which means they have no hat for school the next day.

Show and Share Days.  We are encouraging the students to describe what they have bought along to show.  Please help your child choose something that will fit in the palm of their hand .  Our clever children can then describe what they have, telling us about the colour, how it feels, special features etc.  all  before showing it. So… one car , one photo, one shop kin – you get the idea 🙂

Our curriculum focus this term in maths is now on numbers to 20, in literacy we will be writing, producing and sharing with each other lots more books,  and we are having a big focus on letter formation (handwriting)by making a dictionary of our tricky words, and consolidating our reading through the Daily 5.  In Science we will be exploring living things and in our Child Protection Curriculum we will be using drama to talk about safe and unsafe situations and working with Mrs Camac on “Whats the Buzz”

READING  Sometimes you might think that the book your child is reading  at home is too easy, our answer is YES it is easy, the book your child brings home is in their proximal development… it is intentionally easy so they get success and pleasure from the reading.   At school we are extending their reading abilities. At home you are supporting us by listening to/reading with your child so they can practice the skills we have taught at school.  You read the book at home then we use that book during the next day to do our reading activities, changing their books at the end of the day.  Don’t forget to keep practising your sight words and Jolly Phonics sounds.  Please don’t forget to practise the tricky words and Jolly Phonics sounds.  If your child has finished them then it’s a good idea to go back and revise.

Jesika Alex’s mum has asked me to tell you about Alex’s condition – he has deterioration of the hip ball joint and although at times Alex looks like he is walking ok he is actually in pain and should be keeping weight off it as much as possible, Jesika is happy if you want to ask her any questions.  In class your children are amazing, helping Alex, getting books for him making sure he has a chair etc we are very proud of them and their supportive ways!

In Term 4 we have two more transitional visits from the kindy during our playful learning time, 20 students go each time to the kindy for a play and the kindy send their students so they can get to know the school and its surrounds. Kindy students have also been visiting the library and Japanese and Music.

24th October Student Free Day

4th November Assembly – we are singing Funky Monkey

14th 18th November –  Responsibility week

25th November Assembly

2nd December – JP Concert  in the gym all welcome (watch for more news)

16th December – End of year Assembly (always lots of fun) and 2:05 early dismissal

Leanne and Di



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