Christmas Card Frenzy


Hi Families,

Every year I find that children want to give out Christmas cards. Most bring class sets, some just do a few, but there is always someone who is left out and all they really seem to be interested in is the candy cane attached to the card so… I have a plan …

In class, during writing we are going to talk about making cards for our friends then we will all  make a very  special Christmas card.  Each person will make  a card and every class mate will  sign each card, then every child will have one card from every one, you won’t have to help your child write out a class set of cards (that’s 26 by the way), your child won’t come home with 26 cards and 26 candy canes and I won’t have to manage  676 cards, candy canes, tears and rubbish of envelopes and cards they leave on the ground! I have done this for the last couple of yearsr and found it to be very successful. The children end up with 1 very special keepsake signed by every single person from their reception year.  If your family chooses to give out a class set of cards you will need to catch children outside 🙂

We truly think you for your support in this.

Leanne and Di

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