A Teary Farewell…



Dear Families,

Today is such a bitter sweet day …

I give you back your child, the same child you confidently entrusted to my care in January.

I give them back bigger, taller, wiser, more responsible and more mature than when they began.

Although your child would have grown in-spite of me it has been my pleasure and privilege to watch them blossom, grow and learn day by day.

I give them back reluctantly, for having been on a learning journey with them all year, we have grown close, shared adventures, hopes and dreams, we have laughed, played, learned and enriched our lives together this year. Your child has taken a special place in my heart that will remain forever, they hold the title of my last class and I will cherish my memories of 2016 with them.

It’s been a privlage have taught so many children over 36 years to have played a tiny part in their lives so may great kids who have made me both laugh and cry and the wonderful families I’ve met along the way.

In the years that follow when I see them I will smile and remember and I hope that they will too. I have given very strict instructions that I need invitations to the next 7 graduations 😉

Please know that I  shall always be interested in your child and their destiny, where ever they go, whatever they do and whoever they become, if you see me around please stop and tell me how they are going I will love to hear.

And if you catch me crying today don’t be surprised it’s not because I’m sad but because for me being a teacher has always been a massively important part of my life and it is a little hard to let go of but I’m looking forward to catching up with lots of friends, travelling and reading a book or 2.

from a very teary Leanne

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3 thoughts on “A Teary Farewell…

  1. Thank you Leanne!
    Not only did you make the transition to school easy, you sorted any problems we had as quickly as you could. The biggest thank you is for helping Alex as much as you could with his condition and helping the other children understand that not all disabilities can be seen or heard and to allow his friends to help him when needed. From what I have seen in the classroom and on the walk, his friends loved to help him which will be with them for life, to offer help for someone in need so on behalf of all the other parents I thank you for teaching the children this. Also for any pare to reading this, please thank your children from myself, for accepting Alex and helping him so much. I hope they all continue their friendships for rest of their primary years. Alex has learnt so much this year and has grown and matured so well. I would also like to thank Mrs Bradley for all of her help and learning this year. Now it’s time for you kick back, put your feet up and have a drink or two , relax and read a great book or travel the world! Thank you so much Leanne and Di, hope you both have a great Christmas, new year’s and holiday break.

    From Alex and family 🙂

  2. Thank you Leanne for making the transition to school effortless for Mia and all the other children. To do the job that you have done for 36 years takes a special person and I admire you wrangling 26? kids everyday, you do have it down to a fine art.
    Wishing you all the best in your retirement and look forward to seeing you around the place and at the year 7 graduation!
    Thanks again Leanne, we all appreciate you, Mia will miss you, she especially loved the end of year dance and all the fun activities leading up to the last day, she was so excited to go to school for clean up day today she told me!
    All the best Leanne
    Lisa x

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