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Reception is the time for your child to make the transition from kindy to school. To support your child I want them to feel confident that they can continue to be a successful learner, as they were in kindergarten.  I do this by providing an environment very similar to Kindy.  

Our learning begins each day with songs and our morning routine and together we look at the weather sing songs about the days of the week and the months of the years, do some fitness and eat our brainfood.  There are quiet times, noisy times, sharing times and explicit teaching times.  

We can choose the place we learn – at a desk, on a cushion, alone, with a group, standing, sitting.  Everyone is different and often especially for the more active child to be able to engage in learning standing up rather than sitting gives movement/wriggle time that sitting at a desk doesn’t provide.  There are no set places and your child can choose a different place for every situation.

We are “Explorers of the World” and we are on a learning journey together.

It is very important to know that all class information/news/communication to you is via this website. Please subscribe (See the subscribe bar on the right) this will give you an email letting you know the blog has been updated and you will not miss important information. You will be automatically unsubscribed at the end of the year. 

If you do not have access to internet at home I can help you set up your phone to access this website.

Whole school information is also via email but occasionaly may be via paper note. We also have the “Schoolbag App” for your phone to receive school messages.  The school also has a website and you will need to check the school website for information about whole school activities.

At the top of the page you can see you will see some tabs –

About this Blog – – thats this page – what this blog is about and how to use it.

Manual in it is all the things you want to know but didn’t want to ask!  If there is something I haven’t covered that you think would be helpful please let me know and I will get onto it!

Curriculum – Information about what we ae earning in Foundation.  I will be starting our year looking at school values and I use the ‘Care Bears’ and Program Achieve to help children develop these ideas.

Web Safety – how my class uses the internet. and web/blog safety issues

Playful Learning – How play is valued in our class room by myself and the children

Some other things to know……………………

I am in the JP RED BRICK Unit -1B

Teachers  Mrs Leanne Crockford (and Mrs Dianne Bradley on Wednesdays)

I began teaching in  1981 at Lameroo then moved to Hackham West Primary, onto Pimpala Primary and now consider myself very lucky to be at Willunga.  

I trained specifically as an Early Childhood Educator and have been teaching for 35.   years. As an educator I choose to have Reception classes, because that is what I enjoy the most.  I love sharing the excitement as they begin their school journey and watching them blossom and grow throughout the year.

Please ask questions, it saves a lot of worrying!

I endeavour to make myself available as you need me – for a chat or via email.


To contact the school

Willunga Primary School

Main Road


SA 5172

Phone: (08) 8556 2234

Fax:  (08) 8556 2398

Principal: Ali Colbeck

Email: info@willungaps.sa.edu.au


Visit the school website  www.willungaps.sa.edu.au

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