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Hi every one, hope you had a fun festive season and a great start to the new year!

This will be my last post to you and all  subscriptions will be deleted today.  This means you will no longer receive an email telling you I have added a post.

As I have retired this blog is also retiring.

Thank you for following our blog in 2016 and all the best for 2017.

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Reminder – Class Party tomorrow

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As posted earlier this term 😉

‘Wow we are nearly at the end of a fantastic year of growing, playing and learning together and we’d like to celebrate with a party. So… on Tuesday 13th December (last week of term) we’d like to have a party with Mrs.Graham’s class. The children can dress up in their favourite Christmas clothes. Mrs. Graham’s class will bring the sweets and Mrs. Crockford’s class will bring the savoury. We can heat things up in the oven at school if needed.’

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Book Week Dressups

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Hi Families when talking with the class yesterday many told me that they wanted to dress up so if your child wants to dress up as their favourite book character and bring that book that’s fine.  – they can be dressed up all day – no need to be getting changed.

We will still as a class be FINDING A BOOK IN THE LIBRARY about ANIMALS and making a mask to go with it.

Your child can choose if they want to dress up or just wear a mask for our BOOK WEEK PARADE at our Friday assembly.

Thanks Leanne and Di

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Responsibility Week

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kindergarten-dayOne of Willunga’s school values is Responsibility and we all work every day to develop this skill.  One of the ways we do this at school is by giving our students the responsibility of the morning jobs.  Up until now we have all been helping them with reminders and occasionally doing it for them but now we need to see how much has really been learnt.

We hear/see and often find ourselves in these situations……..

You need to put your reading folder in the right place.   NO you do it

I can’t find my school bag.  Where did you put it?  I didn’t put it any where Mummy put it somewhere!

I haven’t got any lunch. Have you checked your tray? Yes.  Your school bag?  Yes. Do you have a lunch order?  No. – When the canteen orders arrive there it is!

I left my library book/reading bag at home.  Did you put it in your bag?  No, Mummy didn’t do it

We ask students to change their books then get notes saying they have had the same book for a week.

At the end of the day we are amazed to see all the students walk out the class with their bags on their back only to see then throw their bag at their poor parents who then walk away with 3 or 4 school bags.


So every week 5 in terms 2, 3 and 4 I ask all family members to say goodbye outside the class room door to leave and to let your child come in to do their jobs responsibly.

I will be at the door if you need to give us information or if your child is apprehensive.  Please don’t prompt from the door way as it defeats the purpose.  If you arrive late still say goodbye to your child at the door.

I don’t do reading in Week 5 because young children don’t understand why some parents can come in but their parents can’t.

I have been talking about this a lot in class over the past few days to get them ready and it would be great if you could over the weekend too.

Some parents find this week very difficult they believe that their child is too young to be able to do these jobs independently but just look at a child who goes to OSHC in the morning, they come in and do all their jobs with no problems, they ask if they are not sure – a very commendable skill.  I will of course be there to support and guide.

I have been having responsibility weeks now for a few years and it always proves to be a very insightful week!

Thankyou for your support and have a great weekend.  Leanne

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Ready for Term 2!!

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P1010542Hi every one welcome back to Term two,

My very first job this term is to welcome Leo who will be joining our class. We know that he will meet lots of new friends in our room who are all ready to help him settle into a new school. 

Di and I have been working together to plan our teaching units and we have some very exciting lessons planned.  

In MATHS Mrs Bradley will continue to work on number – counting fluently forwards and backwards and from any given point up to 20 and Mrs Crockford will be focusing on time, this involves sequencing events, an understanding of daily routines and day and night (sorry not telling the time yet although we will look at clocks and the numbers on them and what we can do in sets amounts of time).  

A fun unit about “On the Move” for SCIENCE.

Continuing our Child Protection curriculum now that we know each other and have developed relationships and trust, we move on to talking about our bodies, recognising how our bodies grow and change and identifying and labelling private parts of the body and understanding the contexts when body parts should be kept private, please note that correct terminology is used when ever we discuss our bodies and body parts.

LITERACY  During the first couple of weeks I will be assessing and adding ‘homework”- letter recognition and blending skills to your child’s take home record book to consolidate the alphabet work we did last term.  If your child has a solid understanding of the sounds they will move to the tricky words.  I will put a detailed note in your child’s book. 

MORNING READING –  We look forward to seeing you again if you can help and any new helpers are very welcome!

PLEASE REMEMBER TO RECORD YOUR CHILD’S HOME LEARNING IN THEIR RECORD BOOK, ALPHABET AND SIGHTWORD PRACTICE IS ALL PART OF THE READING PROCESS.  Please try to find time to  stay one morning a week to help out with reading, the more times the children can read to different people the more success they will achieve, its all about confidence and having a supporting person to share their excitement and enthusiasm about reading with.  All you need to do is talk about the cover, (what the book might be about from the picture on the front) then read the book to them, read slowly and point to each word, after you have finished reading the book ask them to have a turn.  EASY!!

So what do you need to know to start this term?

Week 5 in our class is RESPONSIBILITY WEEK.  During this week we ask that you say goodbye to your child at the door so they can come in and do all their jobs on their own. We will be talking to the students about this over the next few weeks and will give you more information about this very special learning week in week 3 so you can also talk to your child about their jobs and responsibilities.

Week 10 we will celebrate 100 days of school with a class party – more info closer to the day!

HATS are  not required for play time during term 2/3 but we still use them if it is warm.  Please ensure your child’s hat is cleaned and returned. (They will be sent home on the first day)

A reminder of  where things go.  BAGS go outside on the rack – please help your child stand their bag up and place it neatly,nothing should be left in bags, reading bags are in trays, lunch/recess/food is in trays, Drink bottles on the top of the trays.  Lunch orders in the pink box by the door.  Just a quick note on lunches – if your child cannot open/manage it by themselves please do not send it.  You may need to open it for them and put the food into an other container, for example cans of tuna, cans of baked beans, some packaging and please don’t send food that requires reheating, I know that some classes use microwaves but the students in our class require us to heat their food, remember that each item of food will need 1 to 2 minutes to heat it only takes 5 students to want to heat something and there is no eating time left.  There are also OHSW issues of how hot the food is, spilling on other children, to be fair it is easier to say no to everyone 🙂 

Please don’t forget to send brain food and recess if your child has a lunch order.


LIBRARY – Books only need to come to school on TUESDAYS then they can go onto the yellow box ready for library which is after lunch.

SHOW AND SHARE – Remember show and share is aligned to the colour of your child’s tray (Please read our further information on Show and share in the manual tab).  It is now your child’s choice what to bring what they want each week, it can be a photo, something they made or found or something they just want to share.  Please remember that your child can only BRING 1 ITEM other wise it just turns into I bought this and this and this and this and this rather than them thinking about the descriptive words we need to use – the who, what, where, when, why, the colours, sizes, shapes and the associated feelings.  We stick to the days for sharing and if they forget/ are away etc, we DO NOT CATCH UP THE NEXT DAY.

Please make sure you also check the school website for any up coming school events (the school website is a different one from our class blog)  You can check  dates on our school website Or make sure that you have the school bag app installed on your phone for updates and reminders

Don’t forget that if you have any questions please ask.

Looking forward to another fun filled term.

Leanne and Di

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Hi every one, hope you had a fun festive season!

This will be our last post to you and all  subscriptions will be deleted today.  This means you will no longer receive an email telling you we have added a post.

If you wish to still receive posts you will need to subscribe again.

If you receive any posts after this one send me an email at and let me know.

Thank you for following our blog in 2015 and all the best for 2016.


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