A B C’s

Literacy – book knowledge, developing reading and writing skills, the Premier’s Reading challenge, fine motor skills, listening and speaking activities, and much more form the basis of my literacy program.

But the foundation to all of this is the alphabet…..

Many children come to school knowing lots of letters of the alphabet or being able to sing the alphabet song but there are so many aspects to a complete working knowledge of the alphabet.

(This will not all happen this year but is a process during your child’s time in Junior Primary)

Thinking about each letter does your child know/recognise…

  • The lower case letters
  • The sound each letter makes aah bbh chh
  • The name of each letter – ay bee cee dee
  • If you say a letter sound can your child find the letter on an alphabet chart?
  • If you say a letter sound can your child write it?
  • Can your child write a letter from recall – not looking at a chart or asking you how to do it?
  • Can your child form each letter correctly when writing?
  • Can your child write each letter the correct size?
  • Can they write using lines
    • with tall letters touching the line at the top
    • and tail letters going under the line
    • the rest sitting on the line?
Our school is uses Jolly Phonics as the basis for our Phonics programs.
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