Class Timetable 2016

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Just remember that things change very quickly in a Junior Primary class and so please use this as a prompt for information but don’t be surprised if they say they didn’t do that -Firstly they may not have realised they were doing that lesson and secondly we may very well have been doing something else!!

Here is an example – If we are presenting the school assembly we will be doing lots of practising and as a result lessons get moved and changed!

Our Playful Investigations are shared with Mrs Graham’s class it allows children the opportunity to socialise, explore and play, because play is children’s work but we provide the some structure, for example while we were focusing on the letter Ss our fine motor skills were to make a sticky strip pictures (this was non negotiable and we had to do it, we have a class list of labels and as your child completes this task we stick their label on.  Your child can choose when they want to do this activity.)  For Science we used magnifying glasses and studied real sea creatures that had been found washed up on the beach focusing on our senses what did we see feel smell but we didn’t taste.  For Maths we sorted shapes and colours.  For Literacy we had a story post and read “I saw it in the sea” and “Seahorse”. For the Arts we sang Sabunana  and used scarves to dance and move with.  We also sang the ‘shape song’ and used our bodies to make the shapes (also Maths.) In History/Geography we used show and tell to introduce our Selves and talk about where we live.  We also had sensory play with water, ice, sand water beads,crystals and sea creatures, play dough making sea creatures and building – construction blocks.  While the children are playing we play with them, we talk to them, we read with them, we build security through solid relationships.

We also go yoga and gross motor together!

Daily 5 focuses on our literacy skills, we read to ourself, we read to someone, we listen to reading, we work on words/alphabet, and we work on writing.  All of these tasks help our students to  develop fluency and build stamina.

Maths is very hands on we are building the foundation to their mathematical skills (please see our mathematics page)

During Book making, Word Study and Maths we work in ability groups

8:40Door Open Monday8:45 Start Bell Tuesday8:45 Start Bell Wednesday8:45 Start Bell Thursday8:45 Start Bell Friday8:45 Start Bell
8:459:35 songs/roll100 count weatherfitness Brainfood songs/roll100 count weatherfitness Brainfood Di – PE songs/roll100 count weatherfitness Brainfood songs/roll100 count weatherfitness Brainfood
9:3510:20 Bookmaking Word StudyGroups Science Word StudyDaily 3 Bookmaking
10:2011:05 Maths Yoga Maths Music Maths
 Recess 11:05 – 11:35
11:3512:20 Daily 3 Daily 3 Daily 3Brainfood Japanese Daily 3
12:201:05 Music Library Handwriting Gross Motor History/Geography
 Eating time 12:55 – 1:05Lunch 1:05 -1:35
1:352:00  Japanese RelaxationPlayful Learning  RelaxationPlayful Learning RelaxationPlayful Learning RelaxationPlayful Learning
2.453:05  Pack UpShow and Share  Pack UpShow and Share  Pack UpShow and Share  Pack UpShow and Share  Pack UpShow and Share
3:30 Staff Meeting Curriculum Club



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