Extra Work/Homework


Daily reading, alphabet and sight word practice is all that I ask!

‘Can we have some worksheets because my child is sick  or we are going on Holidays…

If your child is sick the best thing for them may be the rest and the T.L.C from you.

Remember your child is the ‘reader’ so any  book is great, it doesn’t have to be one from school  – the important part is the sharing.  There are also some ideas below for them to do.

Children on holidays deserve your time and attention so I reccommend getting an exercise book and doing a journal together – add photos and brochures of the places you go and things you do, keep a record of the weather and activities you do add some photos. your child can draw a picture and write (this may need your help!)  I don’t hand out worksheets as I don’t use a lot in the class anyway as most activities are hands on and if I do they need to be done in context, with specific instruction.   All our work is constantly revisited your child won’t ‘miss out’ but catch up on the missed concepts at another time.  

Many supermarkets and stores have work book type things you can buy that will revise alphabet, sight words and maths skills, if you are looking for some quiet work by yourself tasks

You might prefer these activities you can do with your child.


  • Read a book together, discuss the pictures, make up a different ending, rewrite the story in your child’s own words and they can illustrate.
  • Use a magazine to make your own book using pictures and words, make an alphabet book. Cut out letters to make words. Cut out words to make silly sentences i.e. The cat ate a banana. And then find pictures or draw illustrations.
  • Make a fishing game, put words or letters on the back and see how many you can correctly catch.
  • Make play dough and then make words or letters.
  • Buy a ‘work book’ or colouring in book from a book store they have great activities in that you can work on together.


  • Practise counting at every opportunity.
  • Cook together – there are lots of great things to talk about while you cook weigh and measure.
  • Find shapes around the house or on your holiday.
  • Construction/ building activities are  always great, as are jigsaw puzzles.
  • Increase spatial awareness by using terms on play equipment or around the house e.g. high, under, over etc
  • Talk  and  use mathematical language, full, empty, left, right largest, smallest etc and encourage the children to use it to describe eg I can see a big orange flower
  • Sequencing is an excellent activity.  Use a camera to take photos of your child a particular times of the day.  Ask your child to put them in order.  (You can also use the photos for writing a story together.)
  • Measure using arbitrary units, hands, feet, toys, spoons.
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