Daily 5

This year I am trying A BIT OF A DIFFERENT APPROACH.  Every Monday we will pick 5 books to put into our READING BOX.   Our Reading box will contain an alphabet chart, a tricky word chart, 1 library book (this will change on library day), 3 just right books (appropriate for the level your child is working on) and 1 have a go book from a level a bit higher than working on.

Every day during daily 5 your child will choose one of these items to bring home to share with their family.  To be able to bring a book home there must be 5 books in the box if a book is left at home a new book cannot be taken.  To begin with to consolidate our alphabet letters and sounds it will just be working with the sounds in the back of the reading record book.

Your child’s success and confidence during Daily 5 hinges on your chill having read/ been read to/practised the book/chart they brought home the night before this will be what they use for read to someone and read to self.

  1. LISTENING TO READING – this may be me reading to the students, a You Tube clip with story/animation or a listening post story.
  2. READ TO SOMEONE – I pair the children up randomly and the children read their books to each other, this is why having already read the book is so important.
  3. READ TO SELF – during this time they read the book independently, practising with no pressure, the text they had read the night before and repractised with a partner.  They can also choose other books to try on their own, revise specific skills and finally they choose the book they will bring home  (During reading to self and read to someone I am working with small groups or hearing individuals read)
  4. WORK ON WORDS – students them move into groups to practise phonic skills – letter/sound skills, sight words, blending (I continue to work with individuals or small groups)
  5. WORK ON WRITING – this is our book making time and students make their own books, (beginning with very simple all picture books) they begin to add details, letters, words and sentences as their skills develop.  This is a play based method of teaching writing, based on the teachings and conferences we have attended with Lisa Burman.  (I begin this time by explicitly teaching a specific skill then working individually with students)
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