The Arts

Society & Environment

Health & Personal Development.

I cover these areas of study by working thematically I am encouraging the children to “explore their world”.

Each week I focus on an alphabet letter and then all our other activities relate to that letter.  For example if we are doing the letter s we might read books with titles that start with s ” Samantha Seagulls Sandals, Super Gran, we make things that start with s like snakes or snails, we might talk about the solar system or plant sunflowers, we might make sandwiches (talking about healthy fillings), or make soup with vegetables from our garden and of course we would sing songs – our ‘s’ song is usually Subunana kusasa!

Playful Learning is a very important part of our day.  Our Playful Investigations allow children the opportunity to explore and play, because play is children’s work but I provide the some structure, for example while focusing on the letter Ss our fine motor skills were to make a sticky strip pictures (this was non negotiable and we all had to do it, I have a class list of labels and as your child completes this task they stick their label on.  Your child could choose when they want to do this activity but it had to be done.)  For Science we used magnifying glasses and studied real sea creatures that had been found washed up on the beach focusing on our senses what did we see feel smell but we didn’t taste.  For Maths we sorted shapes and colours.  For Literacy we had a story post and read “I saw it in the sea” and “Seahorse”. For the Arts we sang Sabunana  and used scarves to dance and move with.  We also sang the ‘shape song’ and used our bodies to make the shapes (also Maths.) In History/Geography we used show and tell to introduce our ‘Selves’ and talk about where we live.  We also had sensory play with water, ice, sand, water, beads, crystals and plastic sea creatures, we used play dough to making sea creatures and building – construction blocks.  While the children are playing I play with them, I talk to them, I read with them, I build trust and understanding through solid relationships.

I also focus on special days and events happening within the school & community.

I use Program Achieve, introducing the children to the characters, Confident Chrissy, Organised Olly, Persistent Pete, Getting along Gertie, and Worried Wally  to help them understand and to develop confidence -you can do it/ give it a go, persistence, organisation and getting along/working with others, which ties us into school values.

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