Bell Times


Students are allowed on the school grounds and there is a teacher on duty.

Playgrounds are out of bounds at this time.


Please wait for the door to be opened.   It is not safe for students to be inside unattended and as I have had personal items “go missing” I appreciate every one waiting for me to open up.

Once the class is open your child can now organise their brain food, lunches, (Please do not listen to your child read at this time it is too busy and noisy) All children need to be ready to come to the floor when the music starts after the 8:45 bell.

8:45 School day begins (If you child arrives after the 8:45 bell you are required to sign in via the front office and bring a sign in slip to the class.) When you come in put your child’s bag on the table and your child can sit down with the class on the floor, this creates the least disruption.  I will help them sort our their bag later. 

Recess 11:05 – 11.35

Lunch 12.55 – 1.05 Eating time we start eating earlier for the first few weeks.

Playtime 1.05—1.35


Home time we will meet you on the playground side of our class room. If your child is going to OSHC, I keep them in a group and walk them down for the first few weeks.   I always come outside with the class and I tell the children they must stay with me until they are collected.  If you wish your child to meet you in a different spot please let me know.  (If you need to collect your child earlier that 3:05 you will need to sign your child out via the office first, then bring a dismissal slip to the class—I cannot let your child leave without one!)

Please wait outside the classroom until the children have been dismissed but you are very welcome to come in after that.

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