A checklist to get started!

  • My name on everything.
  • Something on my school bag to identify it easily.
  • School hat to keep at school.
  • A different hat kept in my school bag if I attend OSHC.
  • Fruit container, if you wish to cut up your child’s fruit otherwise the natural packaging!
  • Lunch box for recess and lunch preferably with a built in cooler. 
  • A water bottle for in class. 
  • Reading bag (large pencil case A4 size please check the books sent home will fit in easily)
  • Contact to cover books.   Keep this at home ready to cover any books I send home.
  • A Library bag will be provided (A WPS blue bag)
  • A box of tissues (please give these to me so the class can share them)
  • A container of hand sanitiser or hand wash for washing. (Please give this to me)
  • A clearly named purse or wallet for if your child has spending money. Then it can safely go into the money box for safe keeping. I can not accept loose money.
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