Family Holidays.

If  your child is going on holiday then the experience of the trip and the time spent with family is what’s important,  you have made the decision to take them out of school.  DECD require you to FILL IN an “exemption from school form” available at the front office.

I don’t give work sheets, these are out of context from the classroom setting/learning. So if you don’t want to help them with a journal but want them to be busy you can get some great an age appropriate ‘workbooks’ from a Big W, Kmart or Target they have some great fun type worksheets that your child can do independently.

I recommend that the best activity you can do is keeping a journal together.

  • write and draw about the daily activities.
  • Collect brochures and sight seeing information.
  • Record the weather
  • Record tell/draw how they are feeling!
  • Photos add a great dimension and make the whole thing a wonderful keepsake.
  • Your child can also keep track of the money they spend as a running tally or by drawing what they have bought-include ice-cream and lollies.)

I love looking back on my children’s holiday journals and it is so funny to see what they thought was important about the day, the pictures they drew and the funny little stories they wrote. I kept them in a display folder as it is easy to add all the extras to the pockets.
Have a wonderful time on your holiday.

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