So what food does my child need and what is the best way to manage it?

Firstly please name all food and drink containers.


Willunga Primary School is a NUT FREE zone.

I do not allow the children to share their food unless it is a shared party food.

Your child may bring yoghurt, custard and sugary drinks but they can only be eaten/drunk at recess or lunch time and need to be eaten outside to save our carpets from sticky accidents ūüôā

Sorry I can not reheat food in the microwave.

After a nasty cut I received opening a child’s can of food, if your child would like tuna, beans etc please open them and place them in a small plastic container.

Now where does everything go!

Fruit, Recess and lunches in a lunch box, most boxes have an ice cooler you can add to keep food cool.  Lunch boxes will go in trays.

If your child has a lunch order they need to put it in the white bucket inside the pink lunch order box so they know they have lunch.  Room number  1B

HINT: Don’t forget that if your child has a lunch order they still need fruit and recess.

We start eating a little early to ensure your child has time to eat.

HINT: discuss with your child what they have for fruit, recess and lunch, separate boxes for each works well. Show them/practise how to open packets, lids, tops  If they have a lunch order let them put it in the box, (you would be amazed how many times we have a child in tears because they cant find their recess or lunch.)

WATER ¬†Your child may get a drink from their drink bottle at any time and for this reason I¬†prefer only WATER. ¬†If ¬†your child wants a milk drink or fruit box or ¬†juice please ¬†put them ¬†in the lunch box if you freeze it it also acts as a cooler for the food and is¬†special drink for lunch or recess. ¬†I always remind students after fitness, breaks and extra times on hot days to get a drink. ¬† Please remember that old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” because often as much as I¬†remind them I¬†can’t force children to drink! ¬†Drink bottles will go onto of the trays ( although it may end up being a box) – please don’t freeze these as your child¬†won’t have a drink until such time as it thaws and the condensation goes everywhere.

FRUIT TIME ¬†Research has shown that a small healthy snack in our longer morning session¬†can help with concentration. I¬†would like the children to have a fruit time like they did at kindy. ¬† The children can eat ANY TYPE OF FRUIT OR VEGETABLE, if you want to you can cut up their fruit, raw vegetables. This is a very short break time so I do not cut up fruit. ¬†If it comes in a packet then we do not eat it as this time (packaged food¬†is fine for recess and lunch) and they can drink WATER anytime.¬† Children enjoy a short break and return to the task fresh and revitalised. ¬†If your child does not want to participate in fruit time they don’t have to!

HINT: ¬†Please do not send along or ask if ‘they can have packaged foods – yoghurt, cheese, custard, manufactured or processed snacks like biscuits, muesli bars, roll ups, chips, lollies, etc¬†because fruit was left at home’.

If you have forgotten fruit it can be purchased from the canteen.


How to do a lunch order.
Firstly you need bags.   These can be bought from the canteen or you can buy paper bags at the supermarket when you do your shopping.
So on the bag write
Your childs name at the top
What they want (the order)  A price list will be sent home from the canteen and there is a price list on the canteen window.
Room number (Room 1B) and  Mrs Crockford that is just a double check.
Lunch orders go in the white bucket in the pink cube.  The lunch monitors take the box to the canteen and then pick it up again at lunch time.  I give the lunch orders out, checking that what is written on the bag is given to your child.
If your child is going to get change and you don’t want them to spend it please let me¬†know. I¬†will put change in their reading bag.
You can also pay for an iceblock/slushy etc with the lunch order (don’t forget to write it on the bag) and then they just take the bag to the canteen at lunch time ( I¬†remind them not to throw the bag away when I¬†give them lunch order and send them over a little earlier)
Needs to be in clearly named purse or wallet.
I send children early to the canteen during the LUNCH break, experience has shown me that the little ones don’t have enough time to line up at recess and eat what is bought. If you need them to buy recess please let me know.
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