Helping Out

What can I do to help out at school?

I value parent contribution in my classroom. 

DECD requires that if I have parent helpers in the classroom or having a camp or excursion that requires a parent helpers to supervise small groups of students, the supervising adult must have a current DCSI (criminal history screening) and have attended a Responding to Abuse and Neglect training and induction at our site.  These trainings are held each term and advertised in our school newsletter.  If you are interested in being a parent helper at any time, please see the front office staff for paperwork which they will submit for your clearance checks.

Would you like to help with….

  • Our reading time first thing in the morning after the roll

  • Putting up an art display

  • Helping out in the Library.

  • Working 1 to 1 with a child who needs extra help.

  • Helping out in the Canteen.

  • Joining School Council

  • Joining us for assemblies

  • DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT OR  SKILL YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE. – craft, cooking, gardening , playing an instrument  TALK TO ME TO ARRANGE A TIME TO COME IN (we can work together as a whole class project or you can take small groups)

You may not be able to help on a regular basis, but I am happy to see you anytime you have a bit of spare time.

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