images copy 3We will let you know our class library day via our blog but we go once a week.

Your child will be given a special library bag to keep their borrowed book in.

They can keep their book at home for 1 week return their book in the library bag following week on library day ( just put the library bag in their tray) and we will change them in our library time.

If you wish you may change your child’s book more often.  Just go to the library before or after school and borrow together.

So what happens in library time…..

Library time is very busy and we love looking at books and finding new books to bring back to our class.

We use it as a time to review ‘Print Concepts” –

1. Front of the book.

2. Back of the book.

3. Difference between illustrations/text.

5. Reading left to right.

6. Top to bottom.

7. Recognising a letter, a word, a sentence

8. Look for sight words..

Library is also an important time for developing responsibility skills………

  • remembering to bring a library bag
  • borrowing skills
  • caring for a book
  • keeping it in a safe place
  • bringing a book back to borrow a new book

For the first few weeks we work with Mrs James our school Librarian to learn about the library.

We do things like

· Discuss fiction and non fiction and the differences between them.

· We find out where all the different things (books, games, and computers) are in the library and where the best place for us to find our books is. (We can go in the library at lunch time to play a game or go on the computer.

· We learn how to put the books away on the shelf by looking at the letter if it is a fiction book and the spot if it is a non fiction book, making sure the book is up the right way and the spine facing out so we can see the title. (We get so clever that Mrs James makes us library monitors and we put all our books away after they have been returned on the computer.)

· We have quiet reading time and learn how to look at a book carefully and quietly for 5 minutes all by ourselves.  Then we share with a friend, we tell them, about the book we have read.

· We learn how to look after books by always having clean hands, turning the pages carefully, and holding them carefully when we are reading them.

· We learn how to choose a book by looking at the cover, we talk about the blurb and we practise flicking through pages to see if we want to borrow that book.

· We learn how to find our library card to borrow a book.

· We learn what the spine, the cover and the title of a book are and where to find them.

· We learn about the jobs of the author and the illustrator.

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