It won’t be long before you child will need to bring money to school, for some reason or another, so how do you manage this?

Spending Money

If  you wish your child to have spending money for the canteen, or for special days and you want us to help them with it please put it in a small named purse/wallet which then goes in the class money box.  Loose money gets lost, falls out of pockets, gets dropped in the bin.  It really is much easier to pick up a dropped purse than a dropped coin.  I cannot accept loose coins to put in the class money box.

Please make sure wallets/purses are clearly named and kept in the class money box (place to be determined) not school bags or pockets.

Hint: Your child doesn’t need money every day, only for a special treat.


Please pay this money at the front office, if you can’t get there I can help out  if the money  is in an envelope clearly marked with who’s money it is and what it is for.

Special Fund Raising Days

Occasionally we have special fund raising days ie Disco days, Wacky Hair Day, Side Show Alley or a cake stall.  On these days you can put the money in your child’s purse/wallet it cn go into their tray and I will help them with the event.

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