How do we find out how our child is progressing?

Do we get a report? Yes there are 2 written reports and 2 formal interview times ( these times are under review and I will update the timeline asap.

During the first couple of weeks of your child starting school I will have an ‘acquaintance’ meeting so you can ask questions, or just have a general conversation but most importantly please fill out the form “about your chid” sent home on the first day.  This gives me a great deal of information about your chid and your expectations and if you have any questions you can ask and I will catch up with you to answer them!

We will have formal interviews towards the end of Term _____

You can always request a ‘chat’ with me and I will do the same as I really believe that it is my job to let you know as soon as possible if I feel there are any concerns/highlights – academic, behavioral or social that I need to discuss with you. – I will often catch you after school if necessary.   I really hope that if you have questions you will also ask and that your child’s  academic progress is obvious from our general conversations and the work your child brings  home.

Don’t forget email ( can be a wonderful forum for these conversations especially for busy working families.

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