Show & Share

What is Show & Share?

What does my child do?

For the first few weeks we will be sharing information, not ‘things’ and learning the process, so your child doesn’t have to bring anything!

I will update our blog page with your child’s show and share day once we are ready to start bringing things to share.

So what is Show and Share…..

Show and Share is an important daily routine and every child is expected to participate on their day.   This helps the children practice listening and speaking skills and to become comfortable speaking to a group.  I always help at the beginning and soon even the shyest child is waiting for their turn!  

All show and share items go into the gold box and no one can touch them and they can’t be taken out for play time.

Show and share is about

Being organised – if they forget to bring something on their day they wait till next week, (public holidays, school closures are the exception if your child’s show and share falls on one of these days they can bring something any day during that week.)

Making choices – only 1 toy/item to shareplease i.e. 1 car, 1 photo, and 1 doll.  If they are taking too long at home give them a minute set with a timer and if they haven’t chosen they miss out – it sounds tough but it works!  

The size also needs to be considered, if it wont fit in the gold box its too big.

Please don’t send precious family treasures if your child is worried about it getting broken in the box choose something else.

Describing skills – think about what, where, when, why, how, who help them practice the night before

Using manners – beginning with a greeting, ending with thank you for listening

Listening skills for the audience – sitting quietly, looking at the speaker, giving eye contact

Questioning skills

Developing Confidence – I always help the child who is feeling a bit nervous they won’t have to do it alone.  I ask them questions and tell them to look at me not the class

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