Sports Day

Sports Day

Our 4 teams are BaxendaleBassett, JarbadaAtkinson. Team lists are on our class door.


On the Day

The children come to the class in the morning as normal – please be there by 8:45.  We do the roll and then go straight out to the oval moving into our teams.  (IMPORTANT Please do not take your child home early without signing them out via the office)

Before the day we will have practise getting into our teams, and doing all the activities, so don’t worry they know what to do 🙂

If you are late you will need to sign them in via the front office then take them straight to their team.

Our first activity is the Parade and warm up Health Hustle.  This is on the oval, the children are in their teams for this and it’s great when parents join in and often it gets the team extra points!.  We also have our R-7 school relay. Then students come back to us (we also practice this) to start the JP activities.

Feel free to take photos but please be sensitive to getting only your child in the photo and not posting these pictures via social media as we have some child who’s parents have requested no photography.

In school newsletter there will be a timetable of events.

Children need to wear their sports day colour tops, bottoms can be any colour school blue or black is probably the least confusing. (no skirts or dresses with out bike shorts underneath please) Shoes suitable for sport and securely tied. Sun screen (applied by you) and hats (we will use school hats)  If you wish they can have face painted or hair colour but this is not necessary, it is your choice.

The children need recess and lunch.  (If you are attending you may want to keep the food) The children need a drink bottle for the day. They will carry it themselves from activity to activity.  Please don’t do this for them as we keep drink bottles together and if you are watching another child or its in your bag they get upset when they can’t find you or their drink.   All bottles need to be clearly named, we prefer water for good hydration.  No fizzy drinks please!

Your child needs to stay with us for all our activities, they can be with you for recess and lunch  – sorry they can’t go with you to watch brothers and sisters during our activities.

The canteen will be open all day and there may be other food stalls on the oval.  Please don’t buy them special food or drinks while we are doing our activities but wait for the breaks.

We will meet outside our classroom after recess and inside our class after lunch.

Can we go home early?

After lunch the JP classes are finished. We will play it by ear depending on how tired the children are so we may be in the classroom, we may have relaxation and activity, we may go and watch the year level races as a group but we will definately go out for the final announcement of the sports day winners. We will met back in the classroom straight after lunch, to do roll call. So if you want to take your child with you to watch older siblings or if your child is getting tired and you want to take them home YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN THEM OUT VIA THE OFFICE AND GIVE US THE NOTE (without the sign out note we are still legally responsible and they will need to be with us.)

What should I do if my child is “clingy”?

The class practices all the activities we are involved in and the children happily join in during practices.  The best strategy is to tell them that if they don’t show you what they can do you will have to leave.  If they don’t join in, be firm, tell them when they are joining in you will come back, give them to us, and follow through. Come back in 5 and try again!  Be persistent it may take a few times.

Sports day is always a very tiring but a fun filled day!

If you have any questions   –   please ask.

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