Starting & Finishing the day!

When do we come into the classroom?

School starts at 8.45 but I open the door as soon as I can about 8.40.

I appreciate you waiting for the door to open as I may not be in the room or I may be talking privately with a parent.

The beginning of the day is our Buzz time.

(It is called that because it is busy and it is noisy because of all the parents having a chat as well.) It is a time to allow every one to come in and do their jobs, they can then chat with their friends.


I will teach your child these jobs during the first couple of weeks.

After that we encourage you to remind your child what the jobs are, but let them be independent and do the jobs by themselves. You would be amazed at how many children don’t know where to find their school bag, lunch, recess or a book if they haven’t done the job. Week 5 of every term is RESPONSIBILITY WEEK and I only let students into the class so I can see how their organisational/responsibility skills are developing.

(For your child’s first week at school all they need to do is put their bag on the bag rack and come inside then when the music starts it is the time for your child to say goodbye to you and come to the floor.)

If your child is feeling worried about this you can sit with them for a couple of minutes but tell them you will be leaving and where you will be after school. If they are still having trouble separating bring them to me, give then a big hug tell then you will see them after school then leave. I promise you if they are still upset after a minute or two I will ring you. Please don’t come back to the class to check I know from experience that then the separation anxiety begins again for every one. If you feel the need to come back go to the office and they will ring through to me.

We will be learning to…….

Come in when the door is open

.  Put fruit, recess and lunch in our trays.

.  Bags go out side on the racks, standing up and placed neatly.

.  As soon as possible after the bell goes for the start of the day I put on our ‘Goodmorning’ song and all students must be on the floor straight away this is the best time to say goodbye and to leave.

If you are staying past 9:00 am to help in the classroom or coming back during the day to help out,  parent helpers must be signed in via the front office and need to have completed the required training (check the school newsletters for these dates)  My  classroom helper program –  reading, sound blending, alphabet practise, cleaning, pencil sharpening will begin once all the children are happily settled.  

At this very early stage of reading development the children need to read to lots of people. Please remember that reading daily to another parent is not guaranteed you need to practise at home.

Finishing the Day!

This is a tricky time of the day as we are all trying to get the class cleaned up and the children are eager to see you!

Please wait outside the building until after the children have been dismissed. We all come out together and I will wait with them.  

You are very welcome once the children are all out of the room to come back in to look at your child’s work or to have a chat. I always wait with the students to check they are collected.

I remind students daily about staying with me until they are collected but it is important that you also remind your child to stay with me at the classroom, not to go to the playground or off with a friend.

If you wish to meet you child in a designated area or they are being collected by someone else please let me know and I will keep an eye on them.

OSHC students are taken over by me for the first couple of times and I will continue to do this if they are unsure, as the year progresses I watch them from the veranda.

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