School Colours

Our school colours are Blue and Yellow,  yellow tops for the R-2 students and blue tops for 3 -5 and senior school tops for the 6/7’s.  For further details or to purchase tops and hats please contact the front office.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE name all clothing.

Every child in the class wears a small size 4, 6, 8, wind-cheater.

When your child takes off their jumpers I ask them to put it on the hooks but…..If your child wears a jumper to school and does not come out the class wearing it please come and look for it straight away.


Please keep your child’s school hat at school in their tray.

If your child goes to OSHC  or is walking home, going to the park, having a play  then they need a second hat (of your sunsafe choice) to be kept in their school bag.   From experience I know that if a hat goes home the next day there is a 90% chance that it won’t come back 🙂

I send hats home at the end of each term for washing.  If you want to wash it in between please come and get it but remember to have your child put it back in their tray.

Hats are needed to keep us SUN SAFE and our school has a ‘No Hat No  Play’ policy for Terms 1 and 4.


For the safety of your child it is important that they wear shoes that they can be active in.  We do lots of running, jumping, climbing, dancing and skipping type activities every day, ‘crocs,’ thongs, dressy sandals, slip on type shoes, inhibit your child from participating fully.  If they argue with you let us know and we will have a class talk about the correct ‘safe’ shoe wear with the class.  It helps me if shoes are velcro tab shoes so that your child can do them up themselves.  If they can’t do their own laces I teach them to tuck them into the sides of their shoes.

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