What do the children do at recess and lunch

if the weather is extreme ?

There isn’t a blanket rule for these kinds of days.  If it is raining we stay inside and play, children are still allowed to go to the canteen and toilet and then if there is a break in the weather they go out to play.

In extreme hot weather the children we usually go out at recess and at lunch can have a choice of going out to play or staying in the class.

SUNSCREEN  we can’t apply sunscreen to your child but we can remind them to do it if you apply at home we will remind them at lunch.   Your child will need to be able to do this independently and must keep it in their tray not their school bag (please remind them they can not put it n any other child).  Lunch and Recess are 30 minutes each, our yard has many shady trees and verandas and don’t forget your child is wearing a sunsafe hat and must wear clothing that covers their shoulders.

If there is a medical reason you feel your child should stay inside just let us know and we can arrange for them to go to the library.

The library/computer room is open everyday at recess and lunch time and the children learn this in the first few days at school.

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